DMG Summer Circus

DMG Summer Circus information

“We have also left the world as we know it behind us and travelled to lots of different places. One week we went under the sea, swimming passed jellyfish, dolphins and tiny darting fish, over coral all the way to the deepest part of the ocean where no one (and no plastic) has ever been. Here we met sea creature that have never been seen before and followed their movements all the way up to the shore again. Here we found shells and became the beings inside them, popping our heads out every now and again to see if it’s safe to come out or not! After this we’ve always had our families and our living rooms to come back to and our memories of shells and other beings and adventures to take away with us.

We always play the same game at the end, which I will tell you about when you come to meet us through a zoom call. This can be strange at first but we are wonderfully adaptable creatures really and we soon forget we’re meeting through our computers/I pads when we get going.

I am really excited to welcome you as we would like to meet some new people. If like me you can be anxious of meeting new people remember you are in the comfort of your own home and can turn us off like a TV (and turn it back on again too). I will say that we are a small group of very creative, kind and rather funny people, both young and old and all young at heart. These next three DMG sessions are circus-themed, expect to learn new balancing acts, escapology tips, swing on a trapeze and be fired out of a canon into a clear blue sky (all in our imaginations of course).”

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