Guidance for Young People Working Digitally

Guidelines for Young People Working Digitally

During lockdown we want to work digitally to connect, create work and support each other. In order to do this, we use digital platforms. When using these platforms it is important to protect you and your families and follow our online code of conduct. As always, please remember our company rules.

Preparing Your Space for Dance

  • Check the space you are dancing in is free from anything you can fall over or slip on.
  • Check that you won’t hit any lights above your head when moving your arms.
  • Please don’t wear socks on wood or laminate flooring.
  • At the beginning of the class we will let you know what space you need and any props necessary for the activity that is planned.
  • Are there any distractions you need to think about? i.e pets entering the room whilst you are moving
  • Please turn off your mobile phone unless you are using it to stream the class.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing that will not get caught in any nearby furniture
  • To avoid injury, dance with care, never force or push your body beyond your means.
  • Please have some water nearby.

Live Video

  • Be kind.
  • Be respectful. Don’t screenshot or record any of the class without asking permission.
  • Never use your full name, first names will do.
  • Make sure people you are living with know you are on a live video chat. Don’t include them in the chat.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, even on parts of you that you think won’t be seen.
  • Remember it’s easy to misinterpret things online.
  • Refer to a group leader directly if you feel worried about anything.
  • Do not record or take photos of anything without the others consent.
  • If you are worried about anything message the session leader.
  • Keep yourself safe – don’t share something that feels too personal, complicated or sad.

If you are worried or concerned about anything online or personal during this period, please contact Dance North staff who will listen and work to find you the right support.

Phones are only turned on during sessions and 10-5pm