With Kate Shela, Friday 17 – Sunday 19 July 2015.
“What is a human? The human is a space, an opening, where the universe celebrates its existence.” Brian Swimme

Shake off old habits and shed the weight you’ve been carrying around in your bones. Transmute poisons to elixirs and get back in touch with your vibrant instinctive essence. Using the catalytic 5Rhythms® map we will dance our way out of the fogs of stuckness in search of spirit and shift from hiding into revealing.

In Shape Shifters we will  focus on the physical shifting that occurs through the doorways the 5Rhythms creates. Exploring how embodiment harnesses physical prowess, so that we can learn to yield and empower ourselves at a moments notice.
We will practice the art of clear seeing, where instinct, intimacy and intuition are alive and so embody the beauty of being human.

Kate Shela is a dynamic shapeshifter and healer who skillfully and naturally brings transformational medicine to every dance floor. Known as a catalyst with heart she drops deep into the belly of listening and draws out the powerful healer in each of us. Kate met Gabrielle Roth in 1992 and is accredited to teach both Waves and Heartbeat maps of the 5Rhythms. She is a shamanic healer and teacher within the Path of Pollen. She lives in LA and teaches internationally.