Humans Being with Cathy Ryan

17 – 20 November 2016
(7-10pm Thursday & 10.30am-5.30pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Humans Being is one of my favourite workshops combining two of my great passions, embodied movement practice and theatre. This combination is a powerful formula to explore and stand in the presence of who we are in a particular moment.

Through Open Floor movement practice, a range of theatre exercises and games, we will put together a piece of theatre ready to share with each other. Bringing our own creativity, heart and imagination into play, it will be an exploration, shaping what we find in ourselves in order to give it away to the magical empty space that is theatre.

Theatre has been around as long as dance and in its essence is another sacred space for us to witness and experience different aspects of our humanness, aspects that can surprise us, move us, unite us – aspects that can wake us up, make us laugh, cry, wince, occasionally touch open our innermost knowings and longings.
Its essence is presence – rooted in the body, the physical container of who we are.

I am especially interested in the simplicity of what we can uncover and make into theatre – no special effects, no diva performances, simple presence…

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