Scaravelli Inspired Yoga with Sophy Hoare

The emphasis of this approach to yoga is not on achieving postures, but using them to undo tension and find integration. The practice is an ongoing exploration of the relationship between the parts of the body and between our movements and the breath, the ground and the space around us. We train our attention so that we can feel more, impose less and allow the intelligence of the body to reveal itself.

Vanda Scaravelli, who died in 1999 aged 91, is well known for her influential book Awakening the Spine. Sophy first met Vanda in 1991, when she was invited to become Vanda’s student. From Sophy’s early beginnings as an lyengar yoga teacher in the seventies she has found freedom of movement through the practice of Scaravelli-inspired yoga. She is an extraordinary teacher whose generous, articulate manner and embodied wisdom continues to inspire both students and teachers of yoga alike.