WORKSHOP: What A Shame with Cathy Ryan

18 – 20 September 2015
We are extraordinary creatures, full of emotions, thoughts, creativity, movement, love, longing and sticky bits of mess… places where we get stuck with the free flow of being who we are. Where we can get stuck in being with ourselves and each other with a compassionate listening heart.

Toxic shame is one of the places that leads us into disconnect – with ourselves, each other and our full place in the world around us. The shame that whispers, there’s something wrong with you – hide!

Using a combination of Open Floor Movement Practice, enquiry,  witnessing and reflection, we will look at how shame can contract, harden and stagnate our life force, so our joy has no place to go and our compassion shuts down – these things happen, it’s part of being human.

About Cathy Ryan

Cathy has been working in embodied movement practice for many years, with a background in theatre, writing and shamanic practice. She is a founding member of Open Floor International and works extensively in Europe and the UK, loving this ongoing exploration of how and what it is to be alive in these moving, human bodies of ours…