Write of Passage

For 30 years, Lori Saltzman has treasured thousands of wordless meetings on the dance floor, getting to know each other solely through the shape of elbow dances, the sweat of chaotic encounters and the silent grace and stillness of ballet. Join Lori as she explores the connection between movement and the written word in Write of Passage.
Lori Saltzman is fascinated with the way intimacy deepens when we add the dance of words and stories. “There’s no need to share your old, polished litany of sorrows” she says, “just describe the scent of your family kitchen, something that you love, the memories in your stamping feet, the first lie you told, the last three things that made you cry.”

“Write of Passage is an invitation to the fusion of movement and writing – paths to knowing ourselves and each other. Everything we’ve experienced in our lives and in our bodies.” says Lori, “During this weekend we will honour and release the stories that have shaped us.”

Whether you love writing or freeze at the very thought, Write of Passage will help you dip your pen in an effortless stream of creative imagery. Prepare to be surprised.