Aerobics with Soul®

With Salma Faraji
Arts in Moray (AIM) Artist in Residence

Change of venue: the session on Sunday 14 August will take place in the Universal Hall

Salma Faraji is inviting you to an open-access class of Aerobics with Soul®. Based on traditional Dances from Tanzania, this is a multi-level class combining Fitness Industry guidelines with the magic and creativity of African Dance.

The class is entertaining, educational, and fantastically FUN.

The only requirement is an open mind, a relaxed body, and the ability to NOT take yourself too seriously!

Originally from Tanzania, East Africa, Salma taught and performed with multi-generational communities in Glasgow as a Dance Artist, after many years of working for a European Airline. She also pursued a career as an Air Traffic Control Assistant, prior to spending 5 months volunteering and travelling in South America as a Human Rights Ambassador.

She is passionate about Dance, sharing time with people, whilst learning and being inspired. In teaching Aerobics with Soul®, the music and culture embody diversity, excitement, and freedom of movement to participants. The unique choreography also offers unity and awareness to body and soul.

Salma aspires to contribute to the community, share the laughter, and is excited to be an Artist in Residence with Dance North as part of the AIM Culture Collective.

Where and When

Universal Hall, The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn
10.30am – 11.30am
Age: 16+

Sunday 14 August