Solène Weinachter Residency 17-21 April

After All is both a solo show and a participatory event which propose to celebrate our vulnerable and courageous existence where artists, Solène and Lisa attempt to conjure a better sort of space, to be with death, dying and loss.

In the lead up to Solène Weinachter’s new production ‘After All’ at Rise Festival in May, we are offering opportunities to engage in gentle conversation and movement, exploring the themes of loss and grief at her upcoming April residency.

Solène, dance artist along with poet, body worker and celebrant Lisa Fannen, will be holding space for a death café, open community sessions as well as drop in convesations and walks.

This public engagement invitation is to conjure a better space, to be with death, dying and loss together to explore the role that dancing might play in healing.

Although this event is part of a dance project residency, no level of dance experience is required. 

Please see below for different activities you can engage with. 

Death Café, Monday 17th April, 6.30pm-8.30pm, The Hive, Findhorn

The space is open to anyone to speak about any aspects of death that they wish to. All and any conversation is welcome and you are welcome to come and simply listen with no pressure to contribute. Depending on group size we may break into smaller groups.

There will be some time after the death café to drink tea and have further informal conversations if desired.

Death Walk, Tuesday 18th April, 11.30am-1pm, meet outside The Phoenix Cafe, Findhorn

Solène & Lisa will host a walk along the bay.

With this walk, Lisa and Solène will host a conversation around death, grief and loss through a simple format of walking/ not walking, talking/ not talking. They will offer some questions to start conversations. The participants are invited to gravitate towards the one of their choice and to contribute in however capacity they want to.

For your comfort, please bring something to sit on, a water bottle and appropriate clothing.

Drop in conversations, Tuesday 18th April-Thursday 20th April, various times, The Hive, Findhorn

We invite you to bring a piece of music that is of significance to you. This might be a piece of music that you have heard or chosen for someone’s funeral or that you would choose for your own.

This invitation to share music does not have a specific agenda except to be together in however capacity that suits each participant, through music, through conversations or through reading material from our research on death, grief and loss.

For more information or to take part in any of these programmes, please get in touch with

And keep your eye out for her performance announcement during Rise Festival 2023!

Where and When

Monday 17th April 6.30pm-8.30pm

Death Café: at Findhorn Hive office, IV36 3SH

Tuesday 18th April 11:30am-1:30pm

Death Walk: meet in front of the Phoenix Café, IV36 3TZ

Tuesday 18th April 5pm-6 pm

Drop in conversation: at Findhorn Hive office, IV36 3SH

Wednesday 19th April 5pm-7pm

Drop in conversation: at Findhorn Hive office, IV36 3SH

Thursday 20th April 5pm-7pm

Drop in conversation: at Findhorn Hive office, IV36 3SH


All activities free to participate.

Death café and Drop in conversation – Turn up on the day

Death Walk – please email to book your place