I’ve been walking along the Spey since before I was born

Norma D. Hunter
Arts in Moray (AIM) Artist in Residence
Supported by the Moray Way Association

Norma D Hunter on the way to the wee loop path with a pallet

Join Artist Norma D. Hunter & others to explore the new Rothes Way and Loop on Oct 23 & 26, 12.30-3pm, Anvil Park Gardens. Be welcomed by this warm community overshadowed by its past reputation of the ‘ugly bairn in the Bonnie Cradle.’

Renowned for its coffee mornings as much as its three distilleries, Rothes, with its whisky-fungus black brick architecture, is often bypassed. Why not stop and learn about the new community-developed Rothes Way path and Wee Loop by joining artist Norma D. Hunter and others to explore the trails, engaging all your senses.

Norma D Hunter asking about walking routes in Rothes with a map of the area
Image credit: Diane A Smith

Artist Norma D. Hunter has been immersing herself in Rothes, uncovering the community’s interests, pasts and passions and finding friendly faces everywhere.

Walk and talk with Norma and the locals she has met to learn more about the community, its history and landscape. There will be an opportunity for others who can’t walk to travel along the path using off-road wheelchairs and other means! For the more able, you can also try the re-established Loop path, which has been uncovered, allowing the community longer walks along the Spey.

For more information and to book, email info@morayways.org.uk 

Where and When

Meet at Anvil Gardens, Rothes

Monday 23 October & Thursday 26 October
12:30 – 15:00
All ages

For more info and to book, email info@morayways.org.uk