Image description: In a field, a woman wearing warm clothes, headphones and red work gloves stands facing us, one hand raised, her gaze focused to the side. Further back, another woman, also wearing headphones and gloves, walks out of the image to the right. In the foreground is a sculptural assemblage of an old car tyre, pipes and wires. In the far distance, there is a row of trees and a pylon.

Join Charlotte Spencer as she shares her experience of making immersive performance work for a range of outdoor spaces over the past decade. She will share her experience of working outdoors  and her approach to engaging audiences in the midst of performance. Her work, Is this a Waste Land? – a performance through headphones for disused spaces will be coming to Milltown Airfield, near Elgin at the start of September, as part of RISE 2021.

This creative online session will introduce you to Charlotte and her work, and will invite you to play with some of the ideas, tasks and activities that are part of the piece. It will move between working with objects, moving, reflecting and sharing.

Photo: Pari Naderi; Dancer: Louise Tanoto

Online Workshop
Tue 17 Aug 2021
10.00 – 11.30
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