Rosalind Masson Residency: Occupying Eden

16 – 24 OCTOBER

Occupying Eden explores the notion of garden as a place of symbiosis in relation to plant/human relations. How do somatic practices allow us to re-situate ourselves as a part of a symbiotic community of plants?

Throughout the course of the residency, the artists will spend time practicing ways to facilitate an intra-relational experience of plant matter, elements and the body, using techniques such as Qi Gong, Listening Meditations, Observational drawings and creating objects from plant materials. In residence at Dance North (SCT) and Hellerau (DE), we will cultivate the nuances of how to perform plant based practices in the EcoVillage, forest, and dune area of Findhorn. The artists will co-inhabit outdoor spaces developing individual and group methods to share the facilitation of intra-relational plant/human experience with the public.

The processes cultivated during this residency will be shared in future in the form of a participative durational performance. During the performances, the artists will offer plant based activities to the public, which explore the process of symbiosis. Along with the public we will collectively gather and exchange information about people’s relationship to plant-life through verbal and non-verbal communication.

This residency is supported by Creative Scotland

Residency Sharing

Saturday 23 October
10.30 – 12.00

Meet at Dance North office:
Findhorn Hive
567 West Whins
The Park
IV36 3SH

Please email if you would like to attend (and please let us know if you will have children with you, so that the sharing can be planned accordingly).