Image credit: Maynard & Julian McKenny

Health Circle

with Kirstie Simson

Kirstie has been drawn to themes of connection and resolution, and recognises the urgent need for unity, especially in the face of global challenges. Inspired by her individual life journey, she has embraced a mission to explore concepts crucial to our well-being: health, self-care, resilience, care for others, surrender, creativity, connectedness, community, and restoration.

She extends a warm invitation to all to participate in these Health Circle. Through dialogue, storytelling, and interactive activities, Kirstie will generously share her personal narratives, discoveries, and passions. This space is inclusive and open to everyone, providing a space for genuine connection and enriching conversations that delve into the depths of health, well-being, and whatever themes naturally arise. It’s an opportunity to engage in creative exchanges, to collectively envision a healthier, more resilient future, and to celebrate the beauty of life together. Join Kirstie as she guides us on a journey of exploration, imagination, and collective empowerment.

When and Where

Sat 25 May,  10am

Venue: The Youth Building (By the Village Green near the Phoenix Shop)
The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn, IV36 3TZ

You are invited to Pay What You Can for this session, according to your means, within the price range suggested below:

£3 – £5

Select the price that feels right for you on the booking page by clicking the BOOK button below.