Image: Clea Wallis

Alien Species
Dudendance Theatre

All performances except for Saturday 19:00 have now sold out, meaning that we will be using all of the headphones & mp3 players we have available. However, if you would like to attend using your own phone & headphones, with the Soundcloud app already downloaded, you can book at the button below.

You can also choose to attend and watch the performance without sound.

Plastic waste is having an irreversible, devastating effect on the planet especially in the sea. A recent study has found micro-plastics, not only in sea creatures but now present in human blood.

Dudendance imagine a new Alien Species emerging when plastics mutate into living beings. The spectacular costumes can be shed, shaped and transformed in tandem with the wind and sea. Dudendance have created a juxtaposition of visual sensation combining organic forms with artificial materials – costumes that suggest sea creatures transform into trash.

As the movement is constantly changing with the elements – no two performances will be the same. The performance is improvised with performers having to adapt to environmental conditions. This makes it challenging for them and we hope, exciting for the audience to watch.

A soundtrack created with Fiona Soe Paing will be available to download via a QR code or via specially provided headphones (fully sanitised) – made available at each site. Audience members who prefer not to use the provided headphones are invited to bring their mobile/headphone devices should they want to listen during the performance. The QR code can be found below and will also be available to scan at the performance sites.

As beaches are public places, Dudendance want to surprise people who may not have heard it is happening so the performance can work with or without listening to the soundtrack.

Created with collaborators: Heather McCrimmon (costume), Fiona Soe Paing (Sound) Alima Askew, Harvey Lancaster Rous, Petra Pennington and Sara Best (performers).

Artistic directors: Clea Wallis and Paul Rous.

Funded by Creative Scotland Touring Fund

When and Where

A FREE outdoor performance

Burghead (meeting point at at entrance to Burghead Beach Caravan Park, IV30 5RP)
26 & 27 July | 15:30 & 19:00

Findhorn Bay (meeting point outside the old boathouse, past The Captain’s Table, IV36 3YE)
29 & 30 July | 15:30 & 19:00


Tickets are available to book online for performances in Burghead and Findhorn.

Advance booking is recommended.

Sensory Needs

Alien Species is, by its nature, fairly gentle for those with sensory sensitivities. Participants are in control of their own audio and can turn up/down the volume as they need to or watch the performance with no audio if preferred.