Laura Fisher lies on a pink floor with a sheet of copper resting on top of them. Their face is reflected in the copper. Laura has blonde hair and is wearing a pink boiler suit. In the background is a pink wall with a grey skirting board.
Image credit: Emily Nicholl

FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace)

Laura Fisher

let me take your weight ~ can I lean on you today? ~ is that okay?

FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace) is a durational performance installation for gallery spaces and a temporary site for collective rest which holds the live archive of an ongoing choreographic collaboration between artist Laura Fisher and seven sheets of copper metal. Drawing parallels between the material properties of the sheet metal and the artist’s body which experiences chronic pain, the collaboration utilises body heat to create an intimate relationship of interdependency. Through cycles of moving and resting together, body and metal shift in supportive relation to one another from which sculptural forms gradually emerge and change.

The search for a shared movement language between material and human is echoed in the integration of live audio description by guest artists – whose words, observations and narration become a third dancer in the performance. An evolving archive, FORGED responds to each new site it is presented within, working with local guest artist to create a new interpretation of the Audio Description each time, adding to the archive of voices, bodies and perspectives that make up the work.

In a room with a pink floor and a white wall behind, Laura Fisher is wearing a pink boiler suit and moving toward an easel with a sheet of copper resting upon it in the left of the frame. Laura has blonde hair and both hands are raised upward and outward. In the right corner of the frame, a folded sheet of copper rests against the wall and a roll of copper is on the floor.
Image credit: Emily Nicholl

close your eyes ~ rest your head ~ lay your tired body down

FORGED is one durational performance split into 4 chapters.

Within a soft sculptural environment designed by Zephyr Liddell, audiences are given permission to rest and drift between the senses. Disrupting sight as the dominant sensory engagement within gallery spaces, FORGED invites tactile interactions between material and bodies to consider the complicated relationship around care, power, illness and intimacy that often exists for disabled people.

Access notes | Performance: The performance creatively integrates audio description, which is delivered live and amplified in the space. Audience can come and go, or move around as they need.

There is a range of different seating options for audience, including mats, cushions, bean bags, chairs, benches and stools, plus standing space.

Access notes | Installation: The Audio Archive & Audio Descriptions of the Installation space are available on MP3 players. Visitors can also bring their smartphone and headphones to access the audio.



Concept, Choreography & Performance | Laura Fisher
Guest Audio Describers | Lynsey Gilmour & Ruby Worth

Textiles, Costumes & Installation Design | Zephyr Liddell

Audio Description (performance) | Raquel Meseguer Zafe & Romany Dear
Dramaturg | Thulani Rachia
Choreographic Mentor | Farah Saleh
Producer | Siȃn Baxter & Laura Fisher

Assistant Producer | Hannah Deus Draper

Production Manager | Siȃn Baxter
Support Workers & Assistant to Choreographer | Aniela Piasecka, Anne Kjær, Romany Dear & Hannah Deus Draper

Project Support Worker | Hannah Deus Draper
Audio Description Consultation | Quiplash
Costume Maker | Wool Gathering UK

Costume Alterations | Barbara Kolasinski

Assistant Costume Maker & Crochet | Catriona Charlton

Audio Description (R&D) | Sky Su & Emma-Jane McHenry
Movement Research Collaborators (R&D) | Penny Chivas & Sarah Hopfinger
Project Coaching (R&D) | Kim Simpson



Concept & Set Design | Laura Fisher

Textiles & Installation Design | Zephyr Liddell

Audio Description Guide| Romany Dear & Laura Fisher

Audio Archive featuring | Ellen Renton & Simone Seales

Sound Mixing | Jamie MacPherson

Production Manager | Siȃn Baxter

Commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Dave Toole OBE Bursary Fund and Creative Scotland. Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland, and by Dance Base, Present Futures, Studio Somewhere, and The Work Room’s residency programme.

When and Where

FORGED is one durational performance split into 4 chapters:

Sat 25 May, 11-11.30am
Part 1: To Hold with Guest Audio Description from Lynsey Gilmour

Sat 25 May, 12.30-1pm
Part 2: To Lean with Guest Audio Description from Lynsey Gilmour

Sat 25 May, 2-2.30pm
Part 3: To Listen with Guest Audio Description from Ruby Worth

Sat 25 May, 3.30-4pm
Part 4: To Trust with Guest Audio Description from Ruby Worth

Venue: Moray Art Centre
The Park Ecovillage, Field of Dreams, Findhorn, Forres IV36 3TA

Age: 8+ (Guideline)


You are invited to Pay What You Can for this performance, according to your means, within these suggested price ranges:

£8 – £12
£13 – £16
£17 – £20

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