On a crowded Glasgow pavement, a dancer (Mark Bleakley) balances on a small square of herringbone flooring. He has dark hair and is wearing a dark pink shirt with a white vest underneath and olive trousers. His arms are outstretched as he balances. Three other performers crouch to hold and adjust the flooring beneath him. One is wearing a red cap, purple vest, dark shorts and white trainers. Another has red hair, wears dark glasses, a patterned blue and purple shirt, brown trousers and yellow shoes. The third is mostly obscured by Mark's legs. A crowd watches on.
Image credit: Erika Stevenson

Dance Makes the Floor: Keep the Fire Burnin’

Mark Bleakley

In 2020, when it felt like the world was at a standstill, I sensed the ground shifting beneath me. That’s when I decided to build something of my own: Dance Makes the Floor (DMTF). It’s more than just a project; it’s a communal effort to create a dance floor together. DMTF is an ongoing artistic endeavour focused on crafting sections of this dance floor in various places, engaging different communities through workshops, conversations, and public performances. The vision? A full-sized dance floor made by all the dancers who’ve graced it, uniting people through dance.

In 2022, collaborating with the Culture Collective and Govanhill Baths, DMTF brought to life three panels of parquet dance floor using leftover wood from the Baths’ changing rooms. This project is all about the context, about working with different dance artists, DJs, and community groups to make it happen.

At RISE 2024, DMTF presents Keep the Fire Burnin’, a participatory performance developed with A/V artist Cameron Howard. Using the floor we’ve collectively made, three performers invite the audience to help turn it into a dance floor. Imagine: if the dance floor were a fire, what movements could stoke its flames? With a webcam linking live movement to the music’s tempo, the performers jump, sway, and shake the floor into a sweaty, energetic blaze.

This event takes place outdoors. Please meet at the foyer of the Universal Hall, from where you’ll be guided to the location. All are welcome. Children under 8 years old should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


On a crowded Glasgow pavement, two performers dance on a small piece of herringbone flooring. The dancer in front has red hair and is wearing dark glasses, a blue and orange patterned shirt, a yellow t-shirt, brown trousers and yellow shoes. The dancer behind has brown hair and is wearing a dark pink short-sleeved shirt and olive trousers. A crowd watches on.
Image credit: Erika Stevenson



Produced by Hacks

When and Where

Sat 25 May, 5pm

Meeting Point:
Please meet at the foyer of the Universal Hall, The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn, IV36 3TZ

All welcome. Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Please note: This performance features audience participation


You are invited to Pay What You Can for this performance, according to your means, within these suggested price ranges:

£8 – £12
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£17 – £20

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