A landscape image of a dark, dusty brown cavern. To the left of the image are rocks and boulders scattered across the cavern floor and pillars of rock reaching upward. In the top left of the image, daylight is entering the cave. To the right of the image, a woman with long brown hair, in a white dress or shift reaches upward, extending her hands toward the cavern ceiling.


Kirstie Simson

This solo is the next step on Kirstie’s journey through dance and life.

Evolving from 45 years of dedicated dance practice, and wide renown as a leading light in the art of improvisation, Kirstie shares her story of dealing with a life-threatening health crisis: cancer, and its recurrence. Through her art, traversing movement and text, she conveys the underlying philosophies that have emerged through the embodied practices which have supported her to face, and engage with, life’s challenges.

‘When life is good there is a thrilling sense of freedom that calls to be fully engaged with, and joyfully expressed. When difficulties emerge, as they inevitably will, and the path forward seems perilous, the work begins in earnest and our understanding and grounding in holistic practice is put to the test. Emotionally this is not pleasing for us; yet it is where the profound satisfaction of humble learning, deepening understanding and strengthening occurs. Life inevitably will present us with challenges. Where did we get the idea that it should be easy? The good news is that as an integral part of the whole, we have everything at hand to be able to adapt, transform, uncover, and explore life-generating solutions, that are so much needed at this time.’

Subterranéa explores our resilience in the face of adversity, how we make sense of life through telling our stories, and Kirstie’s experience of the intersection between her health crisis & the planetary crisis we are collectively facing.


Solo Performance Created & Performed by Kirstie Simson

Dramaturg and Compositional Assistant – Charlie Brittain

When and Where

Sat 25 May, 7pm

Venue: Universal Hall 
The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn, IV36 3TZ

Age: 12+ (Guideline)


You are invited to Pay What You Can for this performance, according to your means, within these suggested price ranges:

£8 – £12
£13 – £16
£17 – £20

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