Mycelium: Transnational Contemporary Dance Network – Open Session

The first open session from the Mycelium transnational contemporary dance network.

This digital session will provide an opportunity for artists and individuals working for creative organisations in rural areas to reflect on a number of questions –  How can we utilise networks to facilitate knowledge exchange & cross-sectoral collaboration? How can we utilise networks to further our work around audience, product and income development? How can we build and strengthen networks and international collaboration in rural locations in the time of pandemic and immobility?

The session will be facilitated by Lindsay Dunbar (a ‘cultural crofter’ nurturing and tending to creative projects in rural areas) will speak for 10 minutes on the topic ‘What are we planning for and how do we exchange knowledge and collaborate meaningfully anymore?’ before inviting you to make connections internationally and continue these discussions in break out rooms.

When and Where

Friday 18 September, 3.30-4.30pm


Tickets: FREE

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