Featured image: FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace) by Laura Fisher. Image by Emily Nicholl.

RISE festival of contemporary dance and performance 2024

Friday 24 May – Sunday 26 May

Welcome to RISE 2024.

Dance North Scotland’s annual festival of contemporary dance and performance brings you a programme imbued with care, connection, and community, with a recognition that all of us experience these themes differently.

This year’s festival is structured and priced for you to be able to try a bit of everything – follow your intuition and find the things you like. We have fun, enjoyable family and outdoor shows, thought-provoking gallery-based performances, and bold, vital dance theatre.

As ever, it’s a programme rich with celebration and joy, and there will be plenty of opportunities for us to dance together, and as we dance, we invite you to connect with your body and notice what it experiences.

How can we become more connected? How do we better show our care for each other? What does it take to stoke those fires and keep them burning, to forge something new?

Dance with us, watch with us, join in.

Fold and shape and make something.

Enjoy all that it is to be human, inspired by art and by the people around you.

The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn (Map)