Rise 2024

Rise 2024

Dance North’s RISE is a weekend festival of contemporary dance and performance with performances and  special events celebrating the body, being well, care, community and sense of place.

We’ve tailored this year’s festival to scale where you can try a bit of everything – follow your instincts and find the things you like. We have family performances and workshops, outdoor shows with audience participation, and innovative performance art.

24-26 May 2024

All Day (See event listings for specific timings)

The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn (Map)

Tickets Information

Performances: Pay What You Can (suggested price ranges from £8 – £20)
Family Performance: £5 for children aged 6 and under. £8 for anyone aged 7 and over
Workshops: Pay What You Can (suggested price £5)

Advance booking is essential.


Rise News & Events

WATCH: Rise 2024 – Keep the Fire Burnin’

It’s more than just a project; it’s a communal effort to create a dance floor together. An ongoing artistic endeavour focused on crafting sections of this dance floor in various places, engaging different communities through workshops, conversations, and public performances.

WATCH: Rise 2024 – Club Origami

Dive into the magical world of Club Origami, an immersive and interactive dance show inviting family audiences to create, imagine and explore whole new ways of thinking, playing and moving.

WATCH: Rise 2024 – When the Bleeding Stops

When the Bleeding Stops – Lovísa Ósk Gunnarsdóttir addresses the silence and taboo that seems to engulf menopause in Western society, as well as her personal experience of ageing as a dancer.

WATCH: Rise 2024 – FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace)

FORGED is a durational performance installation, a sanctuary for collective rest in gallery spaces. It’s an ongoing collaboration between artist Laura Fisher and seven sheets of copper metal.

WATCH: Rise 2024 – Subterranéa

Evolving from 45 years of dedicated dance practice, and wide renown as a leading light in the art of improvisation, Kirstie shares her story of dealing with a life-threatening health crisis: cancer, and its recurrence.

DO: Rise 2024 – DIY Origami Making

Join us for a delightful adventure in origami! Unleash your creativity as you embark on a journey of folding and shaping paper into beautiful works of art.

DO: Rise 2024 – The Village Green Get Down

An all-ages, family friendly party on The Dancing Green, with a live DJ set. Bring sunscreen and hats, and maybe a brolly just in case, but most of all, bring your moves!

DO: Rise 2024 – JAM led by Kirstie Simson

Join Kirstie as she leads a gentle warm-up, preparing our bodies and minds for the joy of Contact Improvisation – a dance form where partners explore movement together through touch, weight-sharing, and spontaneous interaction.

DO: Rise 2024 – Artist Networking Event with guest artist Mark Bleakley

Join Dance North’s Regional Artist Network for our biannual gathering, supporting freelance dance artists across the north of Scotland, Highlands, and Islands. In a field often marked by isolation, we cherish the chance to come together and recharge.

DO: Rise 2024 – Health Circle with Kirstie Simson

Kirstie warmly invites you to explore concepts crucial to our well-being: health, self-care, resilience, care for others, surrender, creativity, connectedness, community, and restoration.

DO: Rise 2024 – Dance a Line Workshop with Mark Bleakley

How can we make a line dance? Through shape, rhythm or the body. This workshop is made up of explorations of Lino-printing and movement scores to explore how we can work across and with different artistic practices. 

DO: Rise 2024 – Movement Play Workshop for Families

Embark on a movement journey suitable for the whole family, from little ones to grandparents. This workshop promises a delightful adventure for everyone aged 3 years and up.

DO: Rise 2024 – Creative Scotland Artist Surgeries with Vanessa Boyd & Lulu Johnston

Lulu Johnston, Dance Officer at Creative Scotland, offers this rare opportunity for a personal meeting where you can ask questions in an intimate group setting.

DO: Rise 2024 – Rise Festival Party with DJ Deborah Lewin

Join us to celebrate RISE 2024 at our Friday night party at the Phoenix Café complete with live DJ set from Deborah Lewin. The Phoenix Café will be open late, the drinks will be flowing and the moves will be unparalleled.

DO: Rise 2024 – I Wish Somebody Told Me with M:ADE Artists

Exploring women’s physical and mental experiences while creating a welcoming and creative space where women can explore their experiences with visual artists Lynda Buchan and Kiara McKenzie

DO: Rise 2024 – The MidLife Mingle

The MidLife Mingle is a monthly gathering for women navigating the midlife journey, particularly menopause. We’re creating a welcoming space where women can share their experiences, find support, and realise they’re not alone in this transformative phase of life.

WATCH: RISE Festival Day Planner

Use this handy overview of the programme to help craft your own festival schedule.