LOStheULTRAMAR by Foco alAire, photo by Vincent Muteau

Foco alAire

Directed by Marcela Sànchez Mota and Octavio Zeivy
Saturday 11 June, 8pm – 9pm

In LOStheULTRAMAR, Mexican dance company Foco alAire take to the streets to astonish passers-by, inviting people to join their procession as they pass through parks and public spaces.

This is an interactive public performance, something heartfelt and cathartic, as they share their dance and music with communities. LOStheULTRAMAR represents a kind of tribal connectedness, both at odds with and enabled by globalised society.

In an often-alienating time, this is a dance about tribes, about congregation, about collective celebration. Join them, walk with them, and celebrate life!


Saturday 11 June will be a full-day festival with three special events connecting the body with community and sense of place.

All events can be attended by purchasing a ticket for the full day. There’s no fixed price, just pay what you can and join us for a day of dance, film, food and celebration.

We are. We walk. We laugh. we are. We live. On the asphalt. We live. In the city. We live. With the trees, gentlemen. Such is life, gentlemen. On the asphalt with the trees. Such is death. Such is mourning. Such is hunger. We suffer. We sing. We dance. Such is death. Such is emptiness. Such is the whole. Such are the masses. Such is hunger. We are here. This is us. We are mestizos. We are from here. From beyond the sea, we come. We are. Asphalt. We are. Blood. We are genitals. From beyond the sea. We come. Alienated, vaccinated, defeated, dominated. We are here. we are. The living. We are. We are one. We drink. We are here. We eat. We are a tribe. We are. We dance. We are here. With the footprint. Such is the trance, Such is the spell, gentlemen. We are bodies. Such are the minds. That laugh. They are. We are, gentlemen. From beyond the sea we come, gentlemen. In a procession, we come. With death, we come. With a past. We come. With the dry land, gentelmen. With the villages, gentlemen, with our people, we come. We are one. And we are two in one and we are so many in one. And we are.

Marcela Sánchez Mota

When and Where

Saturday 11 June, 8pm – 9pm
The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn


Pay What You Can

Tickets are available to book online for the full day, with no fixed price, just pay what you can!

Advance booking is essential.